Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Holiday Weekend in Two Parts

First the people part of my holiday weekend.  

Unfortunately another funeral of a friend, who had moved to Delaware, old friends from our area all went down to the funeral.  The one joy was seeing old friends and young ones now grown up with children of their own.

All the children.

I got to meet Bernetta's daughter another friend who died far to young.  I recognized her daughter as soon as I saw her, she looked and not only looked but smiled and held her head in the same way, and I had never met her, and this is her little girl above and mum and dad below.

Friends having lunch at our Assembly.

My flask up front, hubby put it in the dish washer and most of the decals on one side came off, I was so upset as C gave t to me, then I had a brain wave, stick some more on, which I did, flowers and camping related decals.  I love my Bento lunch box, in purple to the left.  It is from Japan and has it's own little fork and spoon with upper little compartments and a lower one, with a lid and little handles. Small things please us.

Dear friends.

Me wearing a blouse my sister gave me, it came from one of those Old English Fayres.  It's a light weight cotton muslin, I love it very cool and easy to wear.  Thanks BB.


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  1. Yes it's a shame we only get to see old friends at funerals. I love your blouse. It is so hard to find a garment which is attractive and comfortable.


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