Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home and Garden

Getting the yard cleaned up after the winter is a lot of work, especially if you have a huge oak tree in the garden because those leaves never decompose, raking and raking and bagging.  I said to my husband that "you'd think they'd have the decency to decompose like any other leaf."

My loo roll plantings, I don't think they were that successful but these broccoli seemed to do quite well.

Some flower seeds planted.  I took every left over pack I had ever bought over the last years and planted all,  let's hope it's a lovely little bonanza of flowers.  We'll see what happens.  All these little seedlings will need to be replanted.

The wisteria, so fragrant it reminds me of a pungent Indian night, or a shawl fringed boudoir.  Very exotic smell.

One evening I got home from work last week and planted all this.

Peppers, Chinese Giant, Corno di Torro, Honey Crisp and Red Majesty.  Tomatoes, Brandywine Pink, Black Krim, Ox Heart, Rutgers, Roma and Cherry.  Plus cucumber and beetroot seeds.

I amazed even myself.

One flower arrangement with forget-me-nots, then a week later I did the arrangement below.  Still using those little purple flowers Mr B. gave me.

My lilac both a deep purple my very favourite and white.

A lace runner picked up from the NSH yard sale .50 cents.

Just makes me feel so good seeing the lilac on my dining room table.


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  1. Well done on all your sowing and planting. It's so satisfying isn't it? The wisteria is beautiful. I like your flower arrangements. May be inspired to use my forgetmenot as I have loads.


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