Monday, May 13, 2013

Hazleton, PA Plant Tour And Top of the 80's Restaurant

Last week was a very busy week at work and then throw in a plant tour in Hazleton, PA almost a two hour drive each way.

Hazleton's biggest industry used to be coal, of course that all changed in the sixties as coal died out.  The printing plant I toured was built in the sixties.  Since they started in Brooklyn, the reason they probably built a printing plant in Hazleton was because there were very good government incentives to do so and it's on some major trucking routes.

Once you get away from the two big cities of Pennsylvania, which are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, many towns in PA seemed warped in moments of time.

The top of the 80's restaurant that we went to seemed just that and was about seventies to eighties decor.  The most winning and outstanding feature of the lunch that we had there was the view.  The top photo does not do justice to it, and I forgot to take my camera, well it was a business trip.  But if you took that photo times three lengths then you would understand the panorama of the view, meant to be fantastic in autumn.

The food was mediocre, but the view fantastic.

Weekend was pretty busy, I worked under the oak tree stacking odd pieces of wood that were buried under all those oak leaves that never decompose, and just tidying up that whole area.  So I felt good getting that done between the rain on Saturday.

I got to use my Vera Bradley $20 coupon over the weekend, I love their coupons, straight $20 for $20.  So if you choose an item that is $20 or less, you just pay tax so it's a great deal.  I found a bag on clearance, plus they were having a 40% off sale for Mother's Day and then my coupon.  The design is called Happy Snails.

Doesn't that design just make you feel happy?

Didn't take my camera yet again and missed the classic pose of three men sitting together on a bench at Vera Bradley's, yes it's a chick store.

Let's see I also went to Charming Charlie, which everybody says you must go to for cheap jewelry and because it's not on what I call my beaten track I had yet to visit.  They had some fun pieces, but from a girl who can and does make many pieces of jewelry herself I was not overly impressed, very plastic  But if you look you can find some different and interesting pieces.  I did get a pretty white necklace for the summer which I think will look quite good.  Just need to look and look.

I did get an idea to make my own hair band out of beads, don't know why that didn't come to me before.  I do not like those rigid bands, because although they look great, after a while they give me a headache, but I thought if I used beads at the top then brought it down into elastic that goes under ones hair, that might be more comfortable.  You could coordinate that with matching earrings, or matching any piece of jewelry.

After all this, Mr Bit Brit and I finished off our day with an ice cream sundae from Friendly's, mine was waffles and caramel with almonds, quite yummy.  Guess what Mr B. had yes you know double chocolate.

Mr B. was very patient with me.  So nice to get out together and the day was windy, but sunny.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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  1. I love being up high and having a view. Your's is great. Your Vera Bradley Bag is wonderful like mine and yes I like looking at mine too and it makes me happy. Glad you and Mr B had a good day out. He gets Brownie points for that!


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