Friday, May 3, 2013

Lunch Hour On The Wissahickon

So good to get out of work for lunch break on a glorious day.  So here is my lunch hour spent by the Wissahickon Creek today, Friday and the weekend ahead.  Wissahickon means Catfish Creek in the Lenape Indian language.  They were the local tribe of this area.

A little crochet rug from the NSH yard sale, $1.00.  I was so thrilled to find this, just great for a picnic.A yummy cannoli.  I did eat salad too, but had it in my old plastic container, next time I'll rake out my pretty stuff.

Catching up on my diary and a little letter writing.

Sitting here quietly and plop, splash goes a frog into the creek.

Behind me is the Mill, I thought of folk who had worked there in the past.

Violets, both purple and white.


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  1. What a lovely peaceful place. The violets are very plentiful this year.


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