Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Spring has been long and chilly, but in a way I like that better than going from 30 f to 90 f over night, which seems to happen some years and hardly a spring at all.

As I said before, because it has just been plain cold nothing has bloomed before it's time then been frozen, as so often happens, so the blooms this year seem to have been exceptionally beautiful.  You wish they could last longer.  And I never even got to take photos of the magnolia trees.  One on my way home from work was exceptional, just for one day it's beauty was at it's zeneth, with blossoms on the tree and a carpet of pink at it's base, what a joy to behold.

My neighbours apple tree.

I love this photo with the little stone wall.  This is my neighbour's bush.



  1. What glorious blossoms! And oh so fleeting! I know exactly what you mean about the rush through spring. Thanks for sharing your beauty. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  2. Beautiful favorite is with the stone wall!

  3. So beautiful. yes I like the one with the stone wall. It is the same here and I can't stop looking at the beauty.


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