Friday, May 24, 2013

Blooms of May

It's raining again today, but my garden loves it and all the seeds I planted outside are doing so well with all this rain.  Poor roses and peonies are bedraggled though.  It has been a very long cool spring.

I planted more vegetable seeds in various pots and put them in my little plastic greenhouse.  Detroit Red beetroot, various lettuce, zucchini and squash.

A neighbour gave me the old teapot, he said his wife was going to throw it out, but he thought of me, and kindly drilled a hole in the bottom for me, so now I need to plant something in it.  It seems he has all the drill bits to drill through china, now I know where to go.

Some things that have bloomed during the month of may.  Above is the nearest I ever come to bluebells, I do miss the bluebell woods in the UK.

A small gift from a friend which I planted last year, an azalea.

Another gift from a friend, but it has had a hard time getting going, Jack In The Pulpit.

The usual day lilies.


My Joseph's Coat of Many Colours rambling rose.

Queen Elizabeth, one glorious bloom.

Bridal bouquet.

Climbing hydrangea.




Ferns, Japanese Lady fern.

Ants on my large peonies.

Staghorn fern.

More columbine, I love them, they remind me of fairies.


Picked to enjoy in my Simla Room.

Oh Henry clematis.

Me under the wisteria.

Well that's a little tour of my May blooms.


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  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Hope your seeds do well. Yes we're having a cold,wet spring so it's slowing the plants down. My roses are nowhere near flowering yet. Plenty of columbines or granny's bonnets as I call them.


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