Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Holiday Weekend A Day In The Garden

Late Sunday afternoon we did more garden tidying, I just wanted to have it in hand so that Monday we could still garden, but it would be more the fun pottering things, you know what I mean, and not the hard graft.  Plus the patio would be clean and we could eat out here.  Not that is hasn't been done once this year, but all those cat tail things fell off the oak tree and here we go cleaning up all over again.  The pollen this year has been terrible.

Holiday Monday, late breakfast on the Oak Tree Patio.  Do you like my table found out for anyone to take. I had the circular glass top in the garage and added that, I thought it would protect the table from the weather, as I don't really think it is an outside table, but it works and free.

The red edged plates are from France.

More finds, the chairs, which one has to be careful with, because the top is not attached to the bottom and we have concluded almost impossible to do so.  The previous person probably took them apart to move and could not get them back together, but on the patio for us they work just fine, we know to be careful.

A bed head found in the trash, and I added the Coronation Street sign which I picked up at the Promo Trade Show in Atlantic City last week.  I didn't mention I went there last Wednesday, did get to see the sea, only was a greyed out kind of day.

In any case I thought the bed head made made for an interesting edge to the garden and patio.  It will stay for a while.

Also picked up the Red Hot Chile Peppers sign and Betty Boop at the same booth, all freebies.

Our neighbour took down an old fence and asked Mr B. if he would like the wood to burn in our stove, so he has been taking apart pallets of fence and stacking them ready for next winter.  We also need to order another three cords of wood.

I love the mossy green on our big old oak tree.

My little kitchen rose garden.

These succulents loved all the rain, each year or so I add another pair of boots.

Thorn less blackberry.

Roses we had in my childhood garden.

Nice just to be home and enjoy the garden and being together.

The boy has been assisting in directing a short film, probably that will be ready for viewing late this year.


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  1. I enjoyed the pics of your pretty garden. I do admire the way you set the table. I keep meaning to copy your example but always forget. Glad you had a pleasant day pottering.


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