Monday, September 24, 2012

What's On My Desk

This is a little sketch of my idea for the purple mohair cardigan.  It's a little hard to see, but I'm taking the sleeves which are the right length for me, then I'm cutting the bottom off.  I'm going to buy a matching fabric for the bodice top piece and then I will attach the mohair sleeves and mohair bottom, gathering the bottom and sewing it onto the bodice.

I have to come up with an idea to stop the bottom piece from unravelling, but I know you can.

These are my inkwells, the dragon one I mentioned in a previous post, and the the other one is an old souvenir from Paris which I bought on Ebay, I'm sure inkwells from Paris are not sold as souvenirs anymore.

Also this is the lovely glass dip ink pen my friend gave me along with the little bottle of ink, so delightful and I found an old nib pen in my leather writing case, I can write quite well with that.  Well I had years of practice at school, and yes we did use dip ink pens, and it was at the regular school.

This is the lovely little planner that I won on Tea With Friends, Anglea McRae.  

She has a lovely website all things Tea related, and you know us Brits love our Tea, Teatime and participating in that most tranquil tradition.

Thank you Angela.

Must go, have to get ready for work.


P.S.  I made a decision on the cell phone, no just don't use them.

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  1. Yes I remember the little pots of ink and scratchy pens at school. Good article in Nov 1st wt about kinds of pen and ink used in bible times. Your pen is beautiful.


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