Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Moat House

I especially liked this shot of people queueing at the very famous Fish and Chip Shop in Aldeburgh

On our way home from a day out we decided that we could not be so close to Aldeburgh and not visit there.  All my memories of Aldeburgh are winter memories, or early spring.  When I would visit with Rob as a little boy, my mum would say lets take a picnic and spend a day in Aldeburgh.  Just taking a slow drive through the Suffolk countryside visiting Snape, Orford Castle and Framlingham Castle, all over the years of our visits back home.

I can see us now the only car parked along the long beach car park, the wind is blowing and the sea is spraying a mist, and here we are walking the pebble beach.  I almost expect Ham or Peggotty to appear through the mist.

One time Rob as a little boy, of course caught a wave and soaked the bottom half of himself, so we wrapped him up in mum's wool waist coat and the liner of her coat tied with a pink scarf, then we went to Oxfam in town and found him a pair of shoes and socks.  Everyone thought he was in some kind of fancy dress.

So visiting in summer at the height of the season with so many people there was a huge visual change in image.  It was nice to listen to the Brass Band playing near the Moat House.  There was a Carnival there too.

My sister BB said I don't know if I can visit Aldeburgh again, it has so many memories of mum.


P.S. I would have taken some photos of the beach but by then my camera power ran out.


  1. I love the Suffolk coast and we were recently in Southwold on a hot August Sunday when we too noticed a real difference to our usually solitary visits. I noticed the chippy is still very popular!

  2. I've never been to Aldeburgh but almost feel that I have from reading Joyce Grenfell's letters. She and her husband went to the music festival there for something like 20 years in a row. They also went bird-watching. And no doubt for fish & chips as well!


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