Friday, September 14, 2012

A Night On The Town, Kylie Girls and Jesse J.


Great Big Tribute Night Too
Market Square, Haverhill Town Council present another free pop concert based on the King and
Queens of Pop featuring The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute and Boutique’s tributes to Madonna, Kylie, Girls Aloud and Jessie J. Bring all the family for a night of great entertainment from the best of the world of pop.

This was my night out on the Town literally, as the town gave a free concert unfortunately my sister was not able to go as she was working a gig at another Festival, but Trev and I decided that we would go down for the concert, we got there at about 8:45 PM and it was a lot of fun.  We ran into friends and stayed to the end dancing and singing along.

Part way through we decided a beer would be nice, so went over to one of the pubs on the Market Square and got a beer, sat there and listened to the music.  The weather was just right and it was a lovely family evening, as all ages were there.  I love when something just spontaneous comes together and it is so enjoyable.


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