Sunday, September 2, 2012

K K's Wedding


Did I say I loved my fascinator, just in case you missed it

Our Table

We were so happy to attend my friend K's wedding.  It was an early wedding at 11:30 AM followed by cocktails, h'ordeuvres then lunch.  It was all beautiful, the setting for the reception was at the Trump National Golf Club; which sits up high on the just about the only hill there is in southern NJ (southern NJ is very flat)  I got to sit with all my dear friends.

The ceremony was in two languages, English and Korean.  The bride looked beautiful and the wedding was enjoyed by all.


P.S.  There is a little story that goes with my fascinator.  I was in Ross's a very reasonably priced store and saw the fascinator, I just loved it and wanted so much to buy it, but where could you wear it?  Only a wedding, or some very posh garden party; which I'm not known to frequent.  So I left it in the shop. 

I get home and opened the mail and there is a wedding invitation, so tout de suite I drive back and buy that fascinator, I think it was meant to be.


  1. gorgeous pics :)
    Pls. send my congratulations message to them.

  2. Your fascinator is lovely and you look very elegant. Well done on your chutney making. I lost most of my tomatoes due to blight which has affected many in this area due to warm wet weather.

  3. You looked lovely and your son very handsome. What's the difference between a "fascinator" and a "hat"? We first heard of it at the last Royal Wedding.


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