Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Meare, Thorpeness and a Friend's Childhood

An artificial lake, 'meare' or boating lake, was created, with many of its inspirations coming from a personal family friend, J. M. Barrie's work, 'Peter Pan'. Besides a large main pond, there are several channels with landings marked with names of the Peter Pan theme. Tiny islands on the Meare contain locations found in J. M. Barrie's novel such as the pirates lair, Wendy's home, and many others which children are encouraged to play on. The Meare was dug to a shallow depth for increased safety.

A dear friend lived in Thorpeness for several years, while her dad was stationed near here in the USAF.  When she thinks of a place she calls home of the many places that she lived during her childhood this is it.

A couple of years ago she went back with her family, brother and his wife for a visit.  Walking the pathways they trod as children. It was a delight to her and it is our dream to go together one day and rent a little cottage, wouldn't that be lovely.

My visit with sister and family there was fleeting, but how much we enjoy that solitary coast line.

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  1. 64Oh those were 3 wonderful years that I will treasure, living there. In front of our house was the Meare where we would rent boats and visit all the places you mentioned. Or a turn to the left and we were at the sea. It was just as nice to revisit so many years later.

    I really think the bottom house is the one we lived in on the right side. It had once been a hotel and had numbers painted over above each door. I had always longed to live in ahouse with a fireplace and stairs. And this was the house!

    I enjoyed this post so, so much!


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