Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Nice! The Making of A Marshioness and Autumn Is Coming

Mr Bit Brit and I were sitting in the Simla room when I saw a florist van pull up and he looked like he was looking for a number. the position of our house is hard to figure out.  And I said I bet that's from Bob and Don our company owners and it was, so that was a lovely surprise and to be honest just right timing because now I am back home I can get to enjoy the plant.  Actually I took it into my office to enjoy there.

Then later on in the week I received a lovely Omaha Steak dinner for the family from my office, that's still in the freezer waiting for the right time to cook it up and enjoy it.

Kindness is always appreciated.

Thank you!

I like to write in the morning, letters or my journal, I like the morning because I am not tired, it's a fresh new start and the day stretches ahead with possibilities, by the late afternoon and evening , I'm tired and my opportunities to accomplish things are closing down.

I just finished reading The Making of A Marchioness by H. Burnett, the writer of Secret Garden one of her best known books.  I must have started it well over a year ago, read Part 1; which I totally enjoyed but could see that Part 2 was darker and put it down.  Now I've finished it would not rate as one of my best reads, but it is a good read.  It's one on the Persephone list.  When I read a little bit about her life , I could see how it did play into her writing.  An abusive husband her wish to live a certain life style, moving up in the world, her details in what was worn.

The mornings are quite dark, but i still wish we didn't change the clocks.  The feel of Autumn is here  and under the oak tree we have wood all over, neat stacks of wood and piles of it, two cords have been delivered; which needs stacking, there isn't too much more space.

I had a lovely meeting with my friend C. the other Saturday, what a joy just to sit and chat and share.  Things don't change but our prospective is refreshed.  I was given two boxes of tea, a lovely note-book and a very beautiful glass dip ink pen, but I have tried using it and I'm not much good at it, although I did break out a couple of old metal dip pens which I used along with the lovely little pots of inks given to me and this has worked well for me.  I even broke out my old dragon inkwell given to me by my mum's cousin Marjory, who died very young.  I don't know how I came to be the inheritor of this double inkwell but I've had it since I was a child.  All is sitting on my little Eastlake desk and makes me feel good just to look at it.

Our side by side fridge/freezer went on the fritz, a man came out and said we needed a new compressor a very expensive job.  So we shopped around and found in the Sears Overstock Store a fridge that fit the bill, for less than having the repair done.  A side by side in bisque color; which we were told was an outdated color, but that's the colour of all the appliances in our kitchen so we're not changing out for the stainless steel look. Yes is has a couple of minor dings, but not bad.  We went in on Saturday and it was half price, we left it and hubby went in Monday morning and the guy was marking things down and he said what about this so he scanned the bar code thing on his list of knock downs and it went down $150, yippee, so that decided us.  Our old fridge was ten years old and that's about their life span.

Today was very Autumnal and it is raining and quite windy.  Driving to work something fell with a big bang on my car roof, I'm sure there will be a ding, then on the way home something else fell on my windshield and made me jump, there is a ding in my windshield now.  I'm a little paranoid about things falling as one time I had an entire tree fall on my car while I was driving and could have been killed.  My car was in the repair shop for two months.

On the way home many roads were blocked off by the police, I thought because of the bad weather, but then I went past a sign that said funeral and realized it must be the funeral for the Police officer who was shot in the line of duty when he stopped a hit and run driver.

People are full of rage on the roads, I had a horrible experience last Wednesday coming home.  There's a traffic light where I always make a left hand turn, the left lane is never backed up, but the lane to go straight always is.  There is a center lane that can be used by traffic going either way, if there's no traffic in it you can use it down to the light and make the left hand turn.  Well I guess a guy took exception and just pulled right out in front of me,  from the lane that was lined up for the light. I had to slam my brakes on so I did not hit him, then he proceeds to park his car across the lane, jumps out and starts swearing and shouting at me.  I did exclaim, I just want to turn left,  but then I shut my mouth, just sat there and said nothing, you never know what people will do.  Some fruitages of the spirit need to be applied one being self-control.


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