Sunday, September 2, 2012


This is a mohair cardigan that my mum knitted.  I love the heather purple colour.  I took off all the buttons and elastic and was going to pull it apart and crochet something with the wool, but it seemed almost impossible to do so.  So then I thought I'll felt it and make something out of it.  I did put it in very hot water, but I would not consider it felted.  So now do I put it in absolutely boiling water and felt it, or do I leave it where it is, and cut it up.  I'm going to ponder that one.

I did think it would look lovely with a complementary wool fabric, make a jacket and line it in fabric with cuffs and then sew a matching wool fabric skirt.  Well I'll see what pattern I find and what fabric I come across.  But I would like to do something with it.

The boy started college last Wednesday, on Tuesday, last minute as always with boys, he turned in his scholarship thank you letter and bought his books, $450.00 worth of books.  I thought I might read them as well, at least we'd get our money's worth and I would be, so to speak, attending college.  I'll pick what appeals to me.

I made a double batch of Tomato and Apple Chutney this week, which included, onions, raisins and prunes and is quite delicious. The tomatoes were out of our garden. I'm also going to make some Mango Chutney as hubby saw mangoes for .25 cents each, they're usually a dollar each.  I was pleased with myself as it was something I actually got done after a day at work, and usually I'm fried by then.  Mr B. helped prepare all the jars.

Maybe I'll make it tomorrow.


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  1. Hi Christy

    If the cardigan won't felt, then it probably is an acrylic rather than 'real' mohair. You should try another wash at 60° and if it still hasn't felted you could still use it, but you might need some iron-on Vilene on the back to prevent any stitches from unravelling.This works well, I find.


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