Friday, July 31, 2015

Ithaca College Library

Hi Dear Folk,

I probably need to announce that I'm on a semi sabbatical for the summer from Blogging.  I wish I was on a sabbatical, but no, just trying to keep up with everything.

This was sitting in my draft folder along with some other posts that I need to attend to, I wanted to share with you my trip to Ithaca and my visit with The Boy,

Here is the library at Ithaca College, it is really nice.  I love the tree out of the window, but if there was no tree there you would have a view of Lake Cayuga, but I expect in winter you can see the lake after the leaves fall, so maybe that is the best of both worlds.

The Boy checking out some DVDs for us to watch on his new projection screen, remember his summer project?  It works really well, he now has an 83" screen and he bought a second hand projector off a friend, to run the movies on.

I left on a Wednesday for Ithaca, did get everything packed the night before, always a challenge after a full day of work.  Out on the road by 6:00AM whoopee.  Since I was up in the area of Ithaca by 9:30AM I stopped off for breakfast at a very country cafĂ© place, only three people in the restaurant, surrounded by corn fields.  I had an English muffin sandwich, egg, ham and cheese with home fries and coffee, very good, hit the spot.

I contacted The Boy and arranged a time to meet him, so had some time to kill before that, so decided to go to one of the thrift shops in Ithaca, where I found some lovely Japanese plates with a little cottage scene on them and a J Jill embroidered jacket, so very nice in shades of grey and blue embroidery, also a pink applique table cloth, so fun.

Met the boy unloaded the car along with a few of his requests, and then headed on downtown to pick up a Reuben sandwich for the boy.  Right next to where he works is this Jewish Deli, except you would hardly know it as the street presence at front to say the least is different.  Like looking into a sixties plate glass window with the sitting room there, only after you walk inside you realize that it is a deli and the restaurant part goes back a long way.

My Jewish grandma is sitting right there oh yes!  Taking orders and running the cash register.  The food is great and we will definitely have to go there again, time warped sixties globe lights and all.

Will return.


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