Monday, July 20, 2015

A Few Months of Thrifting

Hi Dear Folk,

Almost every Friday evening after work I stop off at our local thrift, it's just a fun thing to start the weekend.  Here are a few of my finds over the past months.

Old Patagonia Pottery, made in Western, Pennsylvania.  As soon as I picked this up I knew it was a keeper, by that I mean things that stay in the cart and you never have a second thought about them. 

At $3.85 it was a good buy, that became an even better buy when I saw that these pots sell between $60.00 to $100 or so dollars.  See here for other beautiful designs.  There is not much on the Internet about the potter.

I love the shade of green inside, it is very twenties.  This was a choice of colour for much household woodwork during that time period.  We sold our very first house to a friend, the trim in one room was painted this colour and he said it reminded him of his family's farm house at Island Pond in Vermont.

One lovely tea plate Strasbourg $1.85 and this too seems to be a collection piece, just a one off, that I will use every day with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  It was hard to capture the turquoise green of the plate.

All the little wild flowers.

A prolific impressionist this print just appealed to me, will look the name up and add this in later, I can't remember it right now. I looked his name up before, he did many very appealing paintings, so this is for the basement, just to enjoy, roaming the streets of Montmatre.

Crochet, crochet and more crochet magazines and books.  I am well prepared for those winter evenings which do inevitably come around, when crocheting is such a cozy thing to do.  Although with 100% humidity and over 95 f today, it's not something you think about.  Although I do have one project that should be done this summer, involving string, will post more on that later.

Monet's cookery notebooks, how could I pass this by after having visited the gardens at Giverny and seeing the yellow dining room.

I have some yellow and blue plates very similar to this.

A little Japanese vase for a pretty posy, how delicate that is.

This was rather of a splurge buy at $12.00 but was brand new never used and so seventies.

Old ice maker ties in with my cream and brown items below, which were all wedding presents and still working perfectly after 34 years.

Doesn't this case look very sixties I think.  It's a circular adjustable knitting needle set, by Boye.

When I bought this little feller I thought it was a rabbit, but on taking it home I'm sure it's meant to be a hare, he sits here quite happily.

A Chinese pot with goldfish swimming around inside.  So I will not fill it with soil, I'm thinking a solar powered water piece, a little fountain or something, to look through the water at the fish, or just stick a little glass top on and make it a little outside table, or just leave it like this to enjoy.

So just catching up.

This week I have three days off and will be up visiting The Boy in Ithaca, then he will be returning home for a couple of weeks, before the new term starts.

We hope to attend the Artist Market in Ithaca see here and the Finger Lakes Cheese and Wine Festival on Saturday.  Plus a few meals out and a book by one of the many falls is planned.




  1. Fantastic buys! We just don't get these sort of bargains here. I especially love the pot with soft green inside.

  2. The picture looks like a Maurice Utrillo, but his naive style was much copied.

    1. Thanks Cro, I didn't get time to look this up.


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