Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crochet Bracelets

Hi Dear Folk,


The debut of my thirty-five bracelets I've just completed.  Next week they will be on their way to Estonia with a friend who is attending an international convention. The "Imitate Jesus" convention, ours is this weekend in Philadelphia, same programme.  These bracelets are for gifts for friends she meets there at the convention. I also made fifty crochet hair flowers for the little girls, but forgot to take any photos.  I do have one odd one left that slipped down the side of the chair, but no clip attached.  They looked so pretty with all the different buttons on in the centre.  Samone who is attending made little bow-ties for the boys and handkerchiefs for the brothers.

Friends gave to me odd bits and pieces such as odd earrings and broken necklaces, so I took these pieces along with my stash of beads and odds and came up with these.  I had all sorts of wonderful pieces, lamp glass beads from India, old Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals, bone beads and some amethyst.

These crochet bracelets are such fun to make.  No two are the same, it lets your creative imagination run and you can use all those one off beads that you love but could never use before, it's so rewarding and quite addictive, I am not finished with making these bracelets yet.

Actually I would like to have some friends over for a little bracelet making party, I think it would be such fun. I did stick roughly to a colour scheme for each bracelet.

Some I crocheted with a neutral yarn and others with black yarn, and most of them wrap four times.  So here is one photo of each but not all that I made.

On about fifteen of the bracelets friends put together the dangles, they were so multicoloured that I decided to attach them to a black yarn, these just wrap twice.

You have to straighten them out a little bit when you put them on.  I was in a bit of a hurry while taking these photos so didn't always take the time to straighten them as I would, if wearing my bracelet out.

I have made two bracelets for myself, will have to take photos of those, one predominately in blues and the other in browns, both in the neutral yarn, but I'm thinking of redoing the blue one with black yarn, we will see.



  1. They are lovely! I have been going through my earings and have set aside some of the poor partnerless ones that will become beauties in your bracelelts.

  2. They are beautiful and will be very well received in Estonia.


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