Saturday, July 8, 2017

Whinging Words and Wonderful Weekends

Hi Dear Folk,

To intersperse my whinging words I will post some pictures taken in my garden over the last month or more.

It's only 6:00AM and I have been up since about 4:30AM, that's because as hard as I tried I could not keep awake last night and had to succumb to bed at 9:30PM.  This morning I opened the Verizon bill, which is a bundle of phone, Internet and TV, they had doubled our bill, first I thought they hadn't applied my payment, then remembered that the contract comes up for renewal at this time, and of course no notification, just double it.  I will get Mr. B. to phone on Monday because they make my blood boil.  Such arrogance of these corporations.  In the USA we are charged much more for these services than in other countries.  For a basic package we were paying $115.00 per month, the bill came in at $230.00 for one month.  Try and phone, think about wasting at least one if not two hours of your life or more.  My friend Joni wasted three hours of her life on them last week.

I have had two three day weeks at work, and although I'm not knocking the two days I had off work each week, because that is great, fitting five days of secular work into three makes for a very hectic day at my desk.  June is the end of the City's fiscal year and therefore everyone wants to use their left up money, or they won't be allotted that money next year, but why do they always leave it to the last week? My head has been spinning all week.

Enough, had a lovely day and lunch with friends on July 4th, catching up with Steve and Cindy who we had not spent time with in a while.  Just talking about everything,  life, food, work, aging, health care costs, pay cell phones on HSN (Home Shopping Network), and Bible translations.

This summer has been very wet, good for my garden, good for mosquitoes, but bad for me, I was bitten mercilessly while working out in my garden and didn't even know it until later.  That new crazy Zika is spreading north, so when you get bit that is on your mind.  So glad I'm past having children because it is of great concern.  In fact we printed up a whole load of brochures for the City about Zika.  How do you not get bitten by mosquitoes unless you always put on a repellent and who does that all the time?

I bought some pretty white cone flower plants and as perennials they will come up next year.  Those everlasting begonias are so pretty so bought five of those, and put them in pots on the bakers rack that Mr.B. found and I have been using near my back door.  Eventually I'd like to spray the rack, but that's for another time.

I planted one of my fig trees, but did the silly thing of watering it from the top in direct sunlight and I think it burnt all the leaves.  New ones are growing, but it gave it a bit of a shock.  I still have the other fig in a small pot sitting outside now, I want to find a nice large ceramic pot for that and put it by the tree stump with my other pots.  It will be interesting to compare their growth.  On that side of the garden we have a huge oak tree and I think there is a lot of competition for root space.

I do love my hosta, above is Mighty Mouse and Blue Mouse Ears.  Below is Praying Hands.

I need a Peony Poem, about their beauty and exquisite scent that only comes a short while once a year, but such glory.

Canterbury Bells.

Joseph's Coat Rose.

Her majesty, Tuppence aka Tiger Lil.

Hard work but worth it, I reset all these edging bricks, to stop the soil washing onto the path, and get rid of all the weeds.  Here are my grape vines and my blackberries, now if only I can get to eat them before the squirrels, who probably espy them from their Rodent Railway overhead.  That's what I call all the phone wires and things that they run along.

Remember I said we had to buy two new cars after fifteen years with each of our old cars, I was expecting at least another five out of each.  My car above, but I'm still not sure it's me, I've always had a hatchback.  Still in another fifteen years I will need some comfort in my old age.

Below is Mr. B's mid life crises car.  Yes a total choice of the Boys.

Not new cars, but new to us.  In fact two new cars for just a tad more than we bought my car fifteen years ago.  Pays to have cash.

After finding the Last Act area in Macy's department store, I did succumb to buying a couple of other outfits.  The summer coat above $21.00 you can't even make it for that and the dress below $20.00.  I fell in love with those big splashy roses and who doesn't love a red number.

Taken by the pond patio.

Not sure what today holds weather wise, I did see the sun, but clouds are drifting over.  Mr. B. has a pot of coffee on now and a dreaded American donut.

Have a great weekend and thank you for all your comments I love to read them.



  1. You look gorgeous in red! Wonderful cars, wonderful garden.
    Darn phone companies. They do that to us too.
    Hope you sort it out to Your satisfaction

  2. Your garden is looking amazing, such stunning plants. Love the dress, red is such a gorgeous colour.

  3. Your garden looks so beautiful. How do you keep your hostas like that? I gave up with mine as the slugs decimated them. We have a lot of good deals here for phone/internet bundles so much cheaper than USA but we do have to buy television licences even if we watch BBC catch up on the laptop. Your dress and coat are beautiful and really suit you. Sad about your old car, I really liked it and it served you well.

  4. Hi Christy, I just wanted to say thank you for coming over to my blog! I enjoy yours as well. I like your separate garden plots, everything looks like it's doing very well! Congratulations on the "new" cars! -Jenn

  5. You look stunning! Your garden is very beautiful, and Tiger Lil is lovely! I love cats. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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