Friday, June 30, 2017

Bowman's Hill Wild Flower Preserve

Hi Dear Folk,

Bowman's Hill Wild Flower Preserve, is not far from New Hope, PA.  It certainly is worth a visit.  From us is a little less than an hours drive.  I went a couple of Wednesday ago with my friend Janice.  We had a wonderful day, taking a guided tour in the afternoon.  Her favourite woodland flower is Jack In The Pulpit  I remember as a child my dad's mum, had a whole dinner service with the Jack In The Pulpit pattern on them.

Just a mile up the road is the Bowman's Tavern and Restaurant.  We had asked our guide to recommend a local restaurant.  We both had Ruben's which I would recommend because they cure and smoke their own meat, it was delicious.  Would definitely go again, I think Mr. B. would like it.

After, we drove on down to New Hope and spent a little time there, finishing off with ice-creams.  I saw a beautiful inlaid necklace in a very modern style crafted by a Zuni crafts person, but the price tag was over $2,000, so I enjoyed looking and of course the guy tried it on me and I thought he would never take it off me, but that's their ploy, but no ploy would make me spend $2,000 on a necklace.

This is the preserve.  Next time we'll backpack a little picnic, or at least snacks.



  1. A lovely day! One of may favorite parks.

  2. Beautiful photos of an amazing walk. It was a joy to visit.

  3. What a beautiful place. Wow $2000 for a necklace! I'm sure you can make something beautiful for a bit less. I want a Rubens now but will have to buy the ingredients and make one as I don't know anywhere here I could get one.


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