Friday, July 28, 2017

The Summer of Gloom

Hi Dear Folk,

The young FedEx driver came in with his usual daily delivery, he wears dreadlocks tied up in a bandanna, somehow he can carry it off, he's a nice guy.  He said it is so dull, but cooler, but would like to see some sun.   I have to agree.  We have had a lot of gloomy days this summer, so I'm calling it The Summer of Gloom.  It is cooler and not going back up into the nineties until the middle of next week, but I do like to see some sun and blue skies.

We've also had a lot of rain.  I was only out of my garden for a couple of days and went to get through the back gate, and could hardly do so, I almost need a machete to cut myself through the grape vine, which had totally attached itself to the hedge across the gateway.

Today the ladies bathrooms on the tenth floor were not working, that's where my office is on the tenth floor.  The make shift sign said go up to the twelfth floor, which I did,  but my ladies room key would not open the twelfth floor bathroom/WC.  Plan two down to the lobby and take the other set of elevators up to the second floor where they have a digital code to get in the bathrooms there and I know it.  We have three sets of four elevators, twelve in all that run up and down to different floors in the building, so you are not stopping on every floor on the way up and down, makes sense, but sometimes one has to go down to come up.  They do say the ladies WC will be working again by Monday.

Mr. B. says he has made curry for dinner tonight.  This is totally for The Boy and I as Mr. B. hates curry or anything hotly related, which meant when we went to New Mexico it wasn't his best vacation eating experience, I loved it.  Mr. B's curry means chicken with a jar of Indian curry sauce added, which he buys from Aldi's and brown rice.  I think they're pretty good, but do like to make my own, still he tries to please, and that's what counts and dinner is ready when I get home.


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  1. After a dry start with threats of hose pipe bans we now have plenty of rain again. It is nice to see the sun in the summer. Hope the bathroom at work is fixed soon. Thats thoughtful of Bob to do curry when he doesn't like it. Hope you enjoyed it.


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