Friday, July 14, 2017

Fig Tree and New Garden Pot

Hi Dear Folk,

Although overcast and humid, temps did drop with rain overnight.  Coming home Thursday evening I saw the darkening clouds and kept thinking will we make it?  We were already ten minutes late leaving the station in Philadelphia, we made it all the way to one of the three stops in my town, when, because of us being late the south bound train had started on it's journey back to Philadelphia and the only place it could pass was in the main station, so here we are held up another ten minutes, so of course just as we reached the last stop on the line and my stop, the heavens opened up.  I sat in the station portico area for a while until it got a little better, but there was nothing to be done but to go for it and make my way to the car, quite a little walk.  I did have an umbrella, but my shoes and feet were soaked along with the bottom of my skirt.  To top it all I had a part on our Thursday night meeting, talk about drowned rat syndrome.

The Boy left for a trip to Lake Lure, NC, just a long weekend, but when your young that's what you do with friends, drive miles for a weekend away.  I did it myself when young, Tennessee and back for a friends wedding on a long weekend why not?  Thought nothing of it, I would now.

Last weekend Rob took a quick trip up to Gloucester, MA to see Tierney.  Here are a couple of his phone pics. Where Tierney lives is like being on vacation all the time, it is so picturesque.

Here are some pics of what's blooming in the garden.

I am so thrilled with the pot I bought to plant my fig tree in, here it is.  The colour combination of green and blue, reminds me of some sixties dinner plates I bought in a charity shop years ago in England.  I will compare the growth of the two fig tress, one planted in the garden and the other in a pot.

I'm enjoying this little grouping of pots on the old tree stump.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Tierney lives in a beautiful place but so is your garden. Yes I remember Paul and I going with a friend in his car to Cornwall and back in one day to collect to somebody. From Hertfordshire that's a long way. Such it is to be young!

  2. Beautiful garden, the pots are a delight.

  3. Robs photos of Maine are lovely! We have some friends that live near Orchard Beach. I would love to visit there one day.

    I have two fig trees that my SIL planted and that are growing and flourishing. I do have to wrap them in the winter. Funny thing is I never had a fresh fig until he planted these. You can't pick the figs thinking they will ripen after. I learned that the hard way!

  4. Ah to be young and carefree. I did that all the time myself, now I don't even want to venture to the store on the weekend!


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