Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dining in Philadelphia

Hi Dear Folk,

Working in the City of Philadelphia can has it's advantages, one is fine dining.  So have had the opportunity to dine out when vendors come in and treat us.  Always fun to eat out and not pay the bill.

Tir Na Nog

Del Friscos Restaurant - Philadelphia

The Capital Grille

Bellini Grill

Tir Na Nog is a typical American Irish Pub, friendly and down to earth.

Del Friscos is located in an old bank, and certainly is grand, good steaks, but do not serve a good coffee Americano, which I like to finish up with.  Still very nice.

The Capital Grille is lovely, a little cozier and serve a good coffee Americano.  We went during Philadelphia Restaurant week, so whole lunch was $20.00 soup to desert, I had filet mignon medallions.

My favorite and least expensive of the three and we have been here twice is Bellini Grill, true Italian food, very good and a nice coffee Americano.  Here I have had ravioli de grantee, ravioli stuffed with crabmeat, red snapper with spinach risotto, tiramisu and spumoni, Italian ice-cream desert.

I just realized I've been in the city for just over six months and we've been wined and dined five times,  I'm averaging one meal out every six weeks, some how I don't think this will continue at this pace.

On to our next find.  Yum Yum.



  1. Years ago my sister lived in Philadelphia and when I wen to visit we would always go to this incredible vegetarian chinese restaurant. Can't remember the name but the food was so fantastic. We would walk for miles to get there and miles home but it was worth it.

  2. Sounds like you are spoiled for choice. All yummy.

  3. Sounds like there are lots of wonderful choices.


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