Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fish and Chips

Hi Dear Folk,

All of a sudden I have a great hankering for Fish and Chips.  As a child growing up in the UK of the fifties and sixties, the only fast food we ever ate was fish and chips.  There may have been Chinese around but that was alien and out of our family sphere.

I remember staying at my grans and she took me to a fish shop not too dissimilar to the one below.  I don't think things changed in many ways from the thirties to the fifties, what with the war in between.

The Fish and Chip Shop by Cliff Rowe 1936

Our local fish and chip shop was called Hank's, not sure if that was even it's name but that is what we called it and it stood near to the corner of Hockerill Street traffic light in Bishop's Stortford.  The picture below was exactly how their fryer looked.

Fish and chips were always eaten on holiday in UK and I think they are still part of it, with salt and vinegar, wrapped in newspaper and eaten down by the quay side looking at the boats and being bombed by the seagulls.



  1. Oh yes, fish n chips. It was our fast food too in NZ. A special treat. I try to make my own here. Just not the same.
    Years ago all the fish n chip shops were run by Greeks. Now it is Indian territory (from India)

  2. I remember that chippy in Stortford! We are at the seaside on holiday so fish n chips yesterday. Sadly they are not allowed to use newspaper now due to health and safety. Ours were wrapped in paper but it's more usual to have a polystyrene box n wooden fork. Not as good as fingers. Ours were very good.


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