Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Art of Sitting

Hi Dear Folk,

The Art of Sitting, I think it must be called that because I feel in this day and age it is very hard to still oneself and enjoy the moment.  Why though should a body run hither and thither doing this and that, when at times you should grab the moment.

This afternoon I did just that, the picture above encapsulates that.  A little reading and a little crochet sitting by the pond, in the shade and dappled sunlight of a 95 f day, it feels well over a 100 f with the humidity, although blue is to be seen in the sky.

I am reading The Call by Edith Zangwill,  I think it would make a very good BBC TV series and could probably be covered in three one half hour episodes or five one hour episodes.  Will write a review when finished.

The crochet I am working on is revisited Japanese Flower scarf which I finished a couple of years ago.  I realized that I did not wear it so much last winter and I think it was because the flowers although sewn together, seemed to be continually pulling apart by the weight, has anyone else had this problem?

So I picked apart the joins and I am now crocheting them into granny squares, because a lot of work went into all those flowers and I love that Japanese flower design.  My first thought was black, but I opted for a pretty silver grey and I'm glad I did, it's more subtle.  I worked out my own edging to turn the Japanese Flower into a square, maybe I'll write my pattern up.  Someone might be interested.  After they are all done, I want to find a nice way of joining them, something that's lacy, open crochet, we will see.  Something more secure for another scarf, and I may used any excess for a hat.

This morning I was out and wore a new summer dress I found at the thrift,  as you can see the colours are blues, turquoise, greens and white and reminds me of sixties colours, I'm sure my mum had a dress in not to dissimilar colours.

We always used to say as kids:

"Blue and Green should never be seen except upon a Gypsy Queen."

Have no idea where that came from.

A bracelet I've had for years, goes very well with it and some glass earrings I made eons ago but haven't worn much are just right for this dress.  The front neck needs a little pin tuck to pull it in, but will not even show on the design.

I treated myself to this handy hold all for what ever you want to use it for.  I like the one with the Paris themed design on it, but it was the only one left and the pocket was mis-aligned and I knew that would drive me crazy, is anyone else like that?  So opted for the pink one on sale.

On the way back from grocery shopping Mr.B. found well over one hundred bricks stacked out front of a house with a free sign.  He bought some home, so I said we might as well go back and get the rest.  Yes in my new car in the trunk, I know I should have got a hatchback.  Have you ever priced bricks they are quite expensive,  just to do a simple project in the garden.  So these replaced some bricks that had disintegrated over the past winter, also freebies, but I think these are better bricks.  There are still more left over for a couple more pathways, or some edging.

I have eaten three bowls of my blackberries, somehow I seem to be getting there before the birds, although I can see they've had some.  They are a little tart, but great with maple syrup or honey and heavy cream, very good.

Obviously I am no vine pruner, as the grape vines art up into the oak tree.

My writing journal that Rob bought for me.

It lays nice and flat to write in easily.

Maybe Mr. B. needs some kind of dinner.

Bye for now, and may all your summer days be dappled sunlight.



  1. You're right, it's very hard to just sit and take time sometimes in this day and age when everyone seems to be on the go all the time. You chose a lovely spot in the garden. I haven't heard the gypsy queen saying before, we used to say blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine.

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment Jo. That's interesting about the different rendition of Blue and Green should never be seen ...


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