Thursday, July 13, 2017

High Temps in Mid Nineties and Lunch

Hi Dear Folk,

Yesterday was a hot one and today is even hotter.  I had a little lunch for Gayle and Debbie.  Gayle is moving to an apartment nearer to her daughter in New Jersey, and giving up her house which she has lived in since 1958.  I have known Gayle for a long while she is a delight, like a little elf, we will miss her but hope to visit.  We said pick her up and go on to the shore.

Fortunately I started very early 5:00 AM making potato salad and coleslaw, ice tea and all the contents for a quiche.  I must admit to hate making pastry, I think it's because I hardly have any counter space to roll it out with out hitting an elbow with something,  and ninety degree weather with no AC is not conducive to pastry making so bought the pie shells and some French pink lemonade which everyone opted for, but the iced tea did not go to waste.

We sat on the pond patio and it was very nice, a little breeze and quite shady there.

I pulled out my silver ice tea spoons, probably from Hong Kong or somewhere because they have the lotus flower, and each one has a different oriental dangle on it.

In the afternoon I got to sit down with iced tea with a shot of Limoncello in it, so good that way.  I bought the Limoncello as a liqueur but really did not like it, but in iced tea just right.  The bottle came with a giant tea bag and the recipe, but lost the recipe and just had the giant tea bag, so winged it, you can't go too wrong with iced tea and add to your glass what ever you think on the Limoncello.

This is such a good book I have almost finished Rise of A Star by Edith Ayrton Zangwill, published in the USA in 1918. Persephone Books is publishing Edith Zangwill's The Call in October 2018 see here for more about Edith and her husband Isaac Zangwill.  I was able to get the books from the Lincoln University Library, PA. including The Call.

A shady spot under the wisteria a book and a long cool drink, what could be better?



  1. What a lovely spot for a delicious lunch. You do set everything up so nicely. Glad the weather was good.

    1. Thank you Jean we had a nice time together.

  2. I went to pioneer school in the early 90's with Gayle and she was such an encouraging sister. I know you will miss her!

  3. Such a beautiful spot for what looks like a delicious lunch.

  4. Your lunch sounds lovely. Best of luck to your friend.


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