Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's On Lake Seneca

Hi Dear Folk,

What is on Lake Seneca, well quite a lot of home spun craft places, but this was a whole collection under one roof of crafters and was inspiring.

Rob is standing on the little balcony upstairs in this shop, with a lovely view of Lake Seneca.

Wool socks.

For the kitchen.

Folded Pottery.

Kitchen Hoosiers.

Graphite Pen.

I bought myself a dragonfly necklace, no turtle necklace, no dragonfly necklace.  I second guessed myself, I liked the Dragonfly necklace, but because of the Hawaiian connection went for the Turtle necklace.  Once I thought about it for a while, well a couple of days and the way it hung I decided I liked the Dragonfly, so was able  to swing back on another day and return it.  It was fortunate that we were out that way because it would have been a long drive from Ithaca.

So many goodies in this shop and the shop itself was built around an old tree, lots of wood.


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  1. Lovely town. I think dragonfly is nice because they are very resilient and can fly with one set of wings if need be. Very cosy and homey.


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