Monday, September 14, 2015

Two Goats Brewery, Lake Seneca

Hi Dear Folk,

Rob does not have a car while up at college, (puts mum's mind at ease) which makes him Ithaca bound, so he said it was great to get outside of Ithaca and spend time touring the countryside.  One place he wanted to visit was Two Goats Brewery on Lake Seneca

We had such a lovely day, stopping off at a farm shop picking up a literally fresh out of the oven blueberry pie which we shared, local maple syrup and honey to take home.  Then we ran across a bakery so off course stopped there, where the prices were so cheap.  I chose a cream horn, I have not had one of those since my last visit to England so was ecstatic to run across them in NY.  Rob had a slice of pizza brownie, so good.

Here we are sitting out on the patio at Two Goats Brewery, with a wonderful view of Lake Seneca, enjoying a beer each and a roast beef sandwich.

Coming from the UK I'm no wimp on beer, I like the darker stuff.

Just chilling with The Boy.


P.S.  Did I say this already I might have done, but Rob made the Dean's List a mum can brag a little, right?

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  1. Blueberry pie sounds good but you can keep the beer! It looks so peaceful there. Well done to Rob.


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