Tuesday, September 15, 2015

House and Boundaries

Hi Dear Folk,

Ever since the rain came through the weather is much cooler in the fifties at night and in the seventies during the day.  Mr. B's grass seed is sprouting, so maybe success at last in reseeding the lawn. 

Yesterday I came home to a wonderful aroma of food, Mr. B. had made a chicken pie, it just hit the spot.  Nothing better than a good chicken pie, old time comfort food.  I'm rather looking forward to Autumn and Winter because that gives me a good excuse just to concentrate on the house and give up on the garden.  I love my garden and it is true therapy, I like to sit out there at night on one of our very warm summer nights, to be honest more the wee hours of the morning with a cup of tea and just listen, it is a cacophony of sound, all those summer insects, but it is a lot of work.

Winter is nice to snuggle by the fire and I have my crochet car coat project to start.  I also have to figure a way to put together all my Japanese crochet flowers.  I did already sew them together, but I don't like it, so have to think of another way to crochet or sew the flowers together for a shawl, any suggestions welcome.  I was going to crochet a privacy fence, which I think would have looked beautiful, it would have been a topper running above my existing shorter fence, between the taller posts, but that is totally on hold until a find a cheaper source for the garden string.  I started and the rate I was using the string up it was going to cost me a fortune, it was most disappointing to come to this realization.

October will be great too, as I have two weeks off and my friend Jean is visiting from the UK.  We plan a trip to NYC.  It will be our first time trying Airbnb, we're actually going to stay over in Brooklyn at a Brownstone  This made sense as we had already planned one complete day in Brooklyn, the place looked great and it is just a tad cheaper than staying in Manhattan.  Hopefully a trip to the shore Cape May and more local trips, the Amish Country and Philly being a couple.

Have worked in my yard and garden quite a bit, but have hardly taken any photos.  Here are a few of my summer photos within my boundaries.  I planted cherry and grape tomatoes along with the usual large tomatoes such as Mortgage Lifter, Ox Heart and Big Boy, these smaller tomato plants are prodigious producers and do so for about two months.

Mr. B. at my request cut the Robin's nest out of the honeysuckle, the robins had vacated it.  Look at how perfectly smooth it is inside and then at the very bottom this very fine grass, just so special.

My Tahitian bridal veil made it through one winter by me taking it indoors, so I guess I will again.  Such delicate flowers.

The last of my gladioli,  I keep cutting them down and down to make a bouquet of flowers last as long as possible.

Yellow finch feasting on sunflower seeds, she's really tucking in.  The male is a much brighter yellow.

Just a few of my summer pics.


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  1. Hope it doesn't get too cool before I come! Glad it will help the grass though. The robin's nest is amazing. I look forward to winter too for the same reasons. It is good to be snug indoors and give some attention to the house much as I love my garden. What a lovely mixture of tomato varieties. Look forward to seeing you soon.


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