Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Ithaca

Hi Dear Folk,

Catching up with you and sharing my Ithaca trip.  I took along a book not my usual Persephone reading.  I heard of Sara Paretsky via BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour, where she was being interviewed.  This is not her latest book but the one before.  She was speaking about the subject matter and I thought that I would enjoy it.

So here I am at one of the gorges in Ithaca, not far from the suspension bridge, reading my book. 

Critical Mass is a modern day women private detective V. I. Washawski mystery, set in Chicago.  I liked the idea of reading Critical Mass because the modern day mystery is based on a much older mystery which predates WWII and goes back to Nazi Germany.

This is the only book I have read by Paretsky and I did enjoy it, I like the going backwards and forwards in history.  Will have to read some of her other books to compare.

Wearing my jade jewelry from China Town, Honolulu.

I love this fabric shop in downtown Ithaca, just off The Commons.  I had stopped in when we were there earlier in the year and they had a number of nice older sewing machines, unfortunately they were all sold and no replacements, but still nice to wander around.  They have a lot of old haberdashery.

The park at the bottom of Lake Cayuga, Ithaca in the early evening.  I had met up with some friends at Chilli's but we were a bit rushed for time and they had to leave early, so I had the balance of my dinner wrapped to go and drove down to the Lake here to finish it off.  Afterwards I went to Purity Ice Cream and treated myself to an ice-cream.

All the bridges in the area have this type of safety mesh and also safety nets sticking out, so that it is really hard to jump off.  It has happened, with a town full of students well over 30,000, and some feeling great pressure to succeed it can lead to suicide, so thus all these precautions.

My bag reminds me of a Cath Kidston, but I actually bought it in the UK equivalent of TJ Maxx, I really do like it for the summer and a lot less expensive.

Beebe Lake, all of these grounds are owned by Cornell University, the Lake, the Suspension Bridge area and so much more.  Rob and I took an evening walk around here.


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  1. It is so beautiful there. What a lovely place to sit and read.


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