Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hi Dear Folk,

Yesterday I was walking over to my car in the parking lot at work, when I noticed a small apple tree absolutely laden with apples and all within easy reaching distance.  The tree sits in no mans land, within two office buildings, and a lot had already fallen to the ground and were rotting.  I don't know why I have not noticed it in previous years, but somehow I think this is a bumper year for tree crops.  Our oak tree is bombing down acorns at an alarming rate.

Within less than ten minutes I had two bag full, I was picking with both hands, there were so many on the tree. They are very nice, not all eaten out by worms, a little small, their taste is tart, but edible and will be great for cooking. I have no idea what they are. Today I peeled and put them in freezer bags.  Well half are done.

Each bag will make at least two large pies or crumbles.

Apples are so versatile, chutneys, pies, crumbles and my Jewish Apple Cake to name a few.

Good things for winter.


P.S.  I popped over to the thrift to see if they had one of those apple peelers, which they so often do, people seem to get fed up with keeping them, but I thought it might be good for a whole load of apple peeling, do you think they work?

To no avail though, when I went not a one to be seen.

Instead I came home with an old lithograph tin from the fifties, those graphics get me every time.  I think most the ones you pick up in the States that come from the UK have come down to us by way of Canada.  I'm sure this one did.  I'm looking at the cars and thinking that even though the tin was for Sharp's toffees and made in England the picture and especially the cars in the background look very North American, I'm looking at that Woodie on the right.  I know it has a piper on but Canadians love their pipers too and have a strong Scot's heritage.  So maybe a graphic especially for the Canadian market.


  1. What a great idea! We were in field service and saw a tree heavy with apples and they just fell and rotted. Sadly it was in someones yard but I did so want to pick some! The crumble idea sounds lovely, Christy!

  2. I love finding free apples so well done on your haul. I know two places nearby and have been watching a hazelnut bush but the squirrels beat me to it. Your tin is beautiful and what good condition.


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