Saturday, September 12, 2015

Old New York State

Hi Dear Folk,

Just a little peek at old towns in New York State.  This is Penn Yan the name is a combination of the people who settled here, mostly Pennsylvanians and New Englanders (Yankees), thus Penn Yan and sits on Lake Keuka, one of the Finger Lakes.

The Birkett Mills have been in continuous production since 1797 over 200 hundred years.  Take a look at the Birkett Mills website some good recipes there too.  Buckwheat always sounds so very American to me.

These are the buildings and style of Main Street in an old town New York State.

This took me back to my youth the stationery shop which sells just about everything you can think of, even those old book keeping ledgers, who uses those now?  Maybe the Mennonite and Amish, as a certain amount settled in this area from our area Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Some nice note cards, printed in the USA that's a novelty.

This is part of the Cayuga - Seneca Canal system, which is in turn part of the greater New York/Erie Canal system. Basically a canal that runs East-West along the top of the Finger Lakes which run North-South.  This is a fascinating geological area.  It always amazes me that all the Lakes at the south end, end in some kind of beautiful gorge waterfalls, Watkins Glenn being the most well known but many other truly spectacular falls.

Being a lover of yarn I had to take a photo of the old Seneca Knitting Mills.  These mills provided socks for men in the Civil War, and other wars.  Also socks from this mill were the first to step on the moon.  It saddens me to see places like this closed.  The building is to be turned into The National Women's Hall of Fame, but since that depends on funding, I don't think that will be too soon.

During our travels I picked up an old cherry/olive pitter and a nut grinder, just little ones that sit on top of a small glass container.  Fun little useful things for the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed our travels.



  1. I love the stationery store! I remember loving to go into ones like this. What town was it in?

    1. The stationery store was in in Penn Yan

  2. I love these old places especially the stationery store which reminds me of my youth too.


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