Friday, September 11, 2015

Eating Turkish and Tapas, Ithaca, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

I hope some of you dear folk are still there.  The trees are turning color already, we have had such a dry spell, although it rained all last night, all yesterday and all the night before.  When I walked out of my door this morning the garden smelled so fresh.  My newly sown grass seed will appreciate it.  What a job, so much of my lawn on the one side where the oak and ash tree dwell and dwelt, is bare.  Mr. B. had to take the rototiller to it, it was like concrete.  We are hoping it is successful, but this is meant to be the correct time of year to do this.

So thought I'd just share some highlights from my summer and finish off my trip to Ithaca.  On the way into Ithaca you see this little sign try the Istanbul Turkish Kitchen best Turkish restaurant in the area.  We found it in a little strip shopping center in Ithaca, certainly not in the main drag area.  The inside is tastefully decorated, and I fell in love with the beautiful Turkish glass lamps they had throughout the restaurant and also could be purchased, I was very temped but was restrained by The Boy, men.

I had the lamb with yogurt sauce, very good.

The Boy had this totally vegetarian platter below, we both had a taste of each others food.

I liked the table cloths.

What about these wonderful Turkish coffee cups, I'm so in love with these.  Of course we had to try those sweet honey deserts.

I had asked The Boy which restaurant he had wanted to try in town Just A Taste this is a Tapas restaurant opposite where he works.  We had to wait a while to get in and were able to get seating out back which was delightful on a summers evening, with a glass of port. 

When we were in Spain we wanted to try Tapas, but it never worked out.  This was American food served Tapas style, some items on the menu were authentically Spanish.

None of us get to eat out too much so this was a real treat for both of us.  Lovely shared memory with Rob.



  1. Yum! The covered coffee cups are so neat!

  2. Sounds delicious and the Turkish restaurant looked beautiful. Glad you had time together to chill.


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