Monday, September 21, 2015

Cheese and Wine Festival, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

Saturday Rob and I got an early start and were at the Cheese and Wine Festival by 10:00AM when it opened, you had to park in a field which was a little wet, but OK.  Getting there early made all the difference because we hardly had to queue up at all for tastings and to see things. 

I wandered all round and eventually went back and bought the skein of hand dyed alpaca that you see on the very end RHS, just peeking out.  I loved all the colours but I feel you should always go with your first gut choice, and not second guess yourself as I did with the Dragonfly necklace.

One day I'm going to have an alpaca, well I can dream, I'm sure they're a lot of work. but oh my such eyes and yarn of course.

Loved the country band.

Tucking into a locally produced sausage sandwich.

How about these giant baked carrots?

Hay ride.

And this sums up some, in fact I've never seen so many Confederate flags in a Yankee state.

The farm where the festival was held.

I do not seem to have taken any photos of the Cheese or Wine, but just let me say we sampled all these abundantly, with cider thrown in.  We took home a lovely cranberry goat cheese log and of course my alpaca yarn.

We left just after noon when the crowds were coming in and so was the rain, timed that one right.




  1. That looked fun. Never thought of baking whole carrots so will try that one sometime.

  2. It looks like a lovely time! The carrots are amazing! I want that purse! Glad you had a nice visit with Rob.


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