Thursday, October 2, 2014

Treasures and Tragedy

Hi Dear Folk,

Well Autumn is upon us the leaves are turning and the nights are pulling in.

Last Friday I was invited to dinner at a friends house. So all day at work I'm looking forward to this, to get there by six I was going straight from work.  I arrive at D's at 6:00 PM no one is around so I take my camera out and snap a few shots of this idyllic estate where D lives.  She rents a house on an estate and it is truly Pennsylvania little Paradise.

I've finished taking the photos, knock on the door again, I thought maybe she was in the shower or running late, I go around back and the dining room table is laid for dinner, the back door is open, but the screen door is locked, but nothing going on in the kitchen, I thought that's funny.  It went through my mind that I had the wrong day, but then I recalled a conversation with a friend who had asked me to pick her up and I said I was going straight from work, so I had the right day.  Then I thought did I have the right time, that must be it.  So I wait, but all the time in the back of my mind thinking something is not right.

At 6:45 PM when I'm about thinking of leaving, a car pulls in with friends, not friends I see all the time, and they have cards and a plant and I'm thinking I haven't bought a card or flowers as a gift, then with a very cross purpose conversation I realize that something very bad has happened.  D's twenty-two year old daughter died in a car crash that morning at 2:00 AM.  What a tragedy. 

The thing is I do not have a cell phone, so G. phoned Debbie and she was at her husband's house just a short distance away, with the family.  We stopped off to see her and offer our condolences to the family, but it was all most surreal, truly surreal.

2:00 AM Saturday morning I woke up with the most horrendous migraine, the type that you think your head will blow up, which lasted until about 4:00 AM when I eventually got to sleep.  I was so exhausted that my plans to go to Cape May with my friend J. had to be cancelled, although it was the most gorgeous day.  I didn't realize how all this effected my.  I kept thinking of Michael, Rob's friend who died and then Rob who is a similar age and I guess all this was going round in my brain.

In fact the subconscious is truly amazing.  I had a crazy dream the other night, I was coming home on Route 202 almost into King of Prussia, where I had to stop because of a terrible pile up accident.  I was not involved, but stopped got out of my car and was walking down the shoulder past all the cars.  In fact it was so bad you could not see any of the road and everyone was dead.  But to make it even crazier, at the front of the terrible pile up were two very big convertible Cadillacs, one had an old women in and the other had an old man in.  They were not hurt, just sitting there.  The rear end of their cars was just slightly damaged.  The old lady even had her wheel chair in front with her.  I knew in my mind that they had been driving so slow that they had caused this terrible accident, I just knew.

Well that was my dream, but I think it's all connected with the accident and dying young.

Life changes in a moment and we must treasure our loved ones.



  1. Oh my goodness, such a horrible, senseless tragedy. I will be sending your friend prayers, I don't know how you ever get over something like this. It is all so sad. Sending you a hug,

  2. Oh how awful. We have had 3 friends die suddenly. Not so young but still unexpected. Funerals tomorrow and Monday. It makes you think how precious life is so use it wisely and cherish our friends and family.


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