Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Downtown Ithaca and The Ithaca Ale House

Cornell dorms.

The Carriage House Café Ithaca here.

This is where The Boy and I ate our Saturday lunch.  I treated myself to a Mimosa and Liver Pate.

Mexican in the Commons area Ithaca.

And this is where The Boy will be working, here. The Ithaca Ale House.

After all the craziness of the virus and not having what I used to have, starting from scratch on the computer and building it to just the customized way you like it, what a pain, will be an ongoing project, because it’s just not working the way it used to. 

So The Boy just got his second part-time job.  He found his first through the college work program as an Elementary School Teacher’s assistant, three mornings a week, three hours a morning, which he really loves.  That was about three weeks after arriving up there.  But he knew that would not be enough income so has been looking for a second job which proved harder than he thought. They always say it’s not what you know, but who you know.  To be truthful almost all my jobs I have had, have been referrals from friends.   

The first job he ever applied for in Ithaca was at The Ithaca Ale House here, it was recommended to us and we ate there one Thursday evening, he set up an interview for that Saturday, but at that time he did not get a job there.  He also applied to a store where his apartment mate works, but that never worked out and he thought that was a shoe in, so a little disappointing for The Boy. 

A co-worker at the school works part time at The Ithaca Ale House and this time he went for another interview, with a little referral from this friend and he got the job as a second job on the weekends.  The only down side is that he worked on the Bombers Film Crew on Saturdays and now he cannot do that,  need must, but he is keeping his other Film Crew workshop at Ithaca College the name of which I forget.  He shares an apartment with two of the Bombers Football Team.   

What is good about both jobs is that the Elementary School job is even closer than his College and The Ale House is at the bottom of a very, very long steep hill.  Ithaca town at the bottom and Ithaca College at the top.  So a quick wiz down on his bike and a long gruel of a walk back up, unless he catches the bus, but still a great location.  As all the shop jobs are in the Burbs and to get out to the Burbs is quite a hike.  Rob says it takes him three hours to do his shopping, riding his bike out and catching the bus back or catching the bus out and the bus back.   

I write to The Boy almost every week.  I wondered how these handwritten letters were being received in this age of electronic gadgets and ways of communication which are too numerous to even remember them all, but Rob said how much he enjoyed my letters, they made him think of home and all the little things he missed.  Yay! hand written letters live on. 

So we hope to visit The Boy over the long Columbus Day weekend, I get a Monday off.  It’s our anniversary weekend thirty-three years and the fall leaves should be wonderful then.  I love fall.  I think coming from a chilly climate I love all those knitted cardis and jumpers that you put on, hats and scarves, plus tweedy fabrics.  We may drive up to Skaneateles; The Boy says there’s a cafe there where you can get the best fish sandwich.
Rob is making a request list, one of the items is a large saucepan to cook chili in.  The recipe he has for chili is so exotic and the quantities so large, that I asked him if he was trying to feed the Football team.  So when we visit we will cook up a pot of chili, although I think he's giving it a go before that.

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  1. I am enjoying the pictures of your trip to Ithaca. Glad Rob is getting on well. I like handwritten letters too - much better than emails but the cost of postage over here is prohibitive. I love the autumn although it has been quite warm here again. Happy anniversary to you both. Have a good trip.


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