Monday, October 20, 2014

Miles Winery on Lake Seneca

Hi Folk,

This is the Miles Winery on Lake Seneca.  As we were driving along passing many wineries, I saw a couple of cars turn down this road and it looked like it was right on the lake and it was, plus we were delighted at it being a truly old house.

This house is built in the Federal style, with Grecian columns and Egyptian keyhole trim inside, so it is quite a conglomeration of styles.

A follower of Jemima Wilkinson built this house, early 1800's.

After the wine tasting I decided on the special offer of three bottles of Cabernet for $20.00 Call me a Cab  I love the pun on words.

Yes the Keep Calm motto is even here.

The clouds were rolling past the sun and here you can see some ominous dark clouds, but the rain held off all day.

This old wisteria had totally wrapped itself around the tree, in the for ground  is the wisteria.


What a lovely setting, so peaceful down by the water.  It would be just right for a celebration.


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  1. What a beautiful place in such a peaceful setting. Lovely photo of you two.


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