Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Making of a Film

Hi Dear Folk,

My last installment on our last trip to Ithaca. Mum and Dad were up and out by 7:00am to be at the Boy's by 8:00am.  We stopped at Tim Horton's which is a donut chain, they were all fresh and the baker was there.  Mr. B. asked for a crueler with chocolate on top, which he did not have, just the plain ones, but he topped two especially for Mr. B. and they were so good.  So picked up coffees and a few things here, then to the Boy's. 

It went down to below freezing overnight, so here you see the early morning mist and frost.

Rob is rushing around getting ready and the major thing was to load the film into the old style camera, which has to be done in the dark.  He had three rolls of film.  So he calls me into the bathroom which has no windows, I can hardly see what I'm doing, I'm holding the spool and the Boy is trying to load it in.  Why are your hands wet mum?  Well I just rushed in out of the kitchen, wipe them on your trousers. Eventually he gets it in, then he thought it didn't sound right while cranking it, but eventually he thought it was all correct.  Talk about stress.

All is now together and we get out on the road, a bit late but not too much, to meet the person who owns the old derelict school.  He is going to let us in.

So while the boys were filming, mum is going around taking these black and white photos.  I enjoyed that a lot, I like photography, I guess it maybe runs in the family.  I don't know all the advanced stuff like the boys do, but I know a bit.  So here are some of the many shots that I took through out the day.

An old discarded reel of film from the 1950s.

By this time I have had enough of being inside and standing on concrete floors, so I thought let me run down to The Man in the Moon CafĂ© and see if they are open, and they were.  So I bought back coffees and something for lunch for the guys.  I went back and hung out for about two hours, with a chai latte and a scone.  I had explained to the owner Annie why I was there and she said she remembered me from a previous visit, and would I like to hang out.  Yes please.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I sat outside with my crochet which I had with me and just relaxed, I think that was the most relaxing time of our whole visit.  They closed up at 2:00pm and since I had walked from the school she said would I like a lift back, which I excepted.

Old farm machinery.

This is the old King Ferry Fire truck which is housed here.

A few hiccups along the way were that the last roll of film that he had stored in his refrigerator at the bottom, got wet and he could not use it at all, at least he had shot two rolls.  After filming then sound had to be recorded.  The Boy soon realized that the stands did not have the correct thread to screw the mikes on, so Mr. B. had to manually hold them for him.  And of course we spent more than twice as long there than he thought it would take.  We did not finish until around 5:30pm.

At least they have smiles on their faces.

As you can see the Boys are very intent on ordering food.  We ate at the restaurant that Rob works at.  That was nice and we were looked after.

Still not finished though, all the equipment had to be returned to the College.  So by the time we did that stopped off at his apartment and did a couple of things there, I don't think we got on the road home until almost 11:00pm.  We did stop off at a rest stop and slept for an hour, not getting home until the wee hours of the morning, thank goodness I had Monday off or I would never have done that.

That's my story.



  1. Your pictures are great. I have come to love photography as well although I know nothing of the technical stuff. I can't believe that lovely old building is just left empty like that. Glad you had some relaxing time anyway. I don't think I could even lift Rob's camera let alone take a photo with it.

  2. What a fascinating post, I love the black and white photos.


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