Friday, October 24, 2014

Skaneateles, NY

Skaneateles, NY on Lake Skaneateles is one of the wealthier lake areas on the Finger Lakes.  I wish I had taken a photo of their brand spanking new fire house, wow!  I guess they don't want any of those mansions burning down.  Having said that it is a beautiful area and one does enjoy the atmosphere and just walking around town.

This is where we bought my yarn pottery bowl.  It was getting towards the end of the day and the clouds are rolling in now.

I think they have a wooden boat pageant some time during the summer, you can see one in the boathouse.

Here are some of the homes around the lake.

We did eat at Doug's Fish Fry, more to follow on that.

We left here with over an hour to get back to pick Rob up.

Well first of all we have no cell phone, so as we were driving we realized that we would be about twenty minutes late.  Fortunately as we come into town to pick Rob up, there he is walking up the hill, so in he gets.  We had totally forgotten that we had to take him to pick up his gear and the cutoff time to pick it up was 5:30pm.  He phones says he will be a few minutes late, sorts all that out, phew!

When we get there nothing has been assembled together on a cart as it should have been because the students working there were understaffed and had been going all day.  Rob had put in his request, but unfortunately the computer locks down at 5:30pm, so they had to get someone to override the system with a password to check out all his gear.  They said a check out time of no later than 5:00pm should not be in the system, not Rob's fault but whoever entered it.

Eventually we get all the equipment loaded into the SUV, he was relieved as the filming had been set up for the next day and had to be done then.  It all ended well, but was a bit stressful.

By now all are hungry so we went down into town and ate at Viva, the Mexican restaurant, the wait was thirty minutes.  After which we decided to go to a recital that one of Rob's friends was in.  He said I think it's just small group of people.  When we get there, which is quite a hike across campus, and up hill and down dale, we arrive at the auditorium and it is packed out.  This was a whole Choral and Choir evening from 8:00pm until 10:30pm, black tie affair.  There were no seats available but eventually some seats opened up.

It was a great evening and a true surprise, from African music to Elizabethan madrigals to Mozart and Russian Opera, so quite a range, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Nice treat to listen to beautiful voices live.

By the time we dropped Rob off, and he helped me figure out how to download some videos, and then drove to our Motel, it was late.  This schedule is wearing mum and dad out.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. What beautiful photos! Your day sounded hectic but fun. Trouble is we can only cope with one hectic day now and then need to relax. The live music sounded wonderful. What a treat.


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