Saturday, October 4, 2014

Studio Room Rearranged

Drawings by Rob and self portrait by Vinny.  Photo of old windmill in UK by Keith T.  his brother is quite a famous artist in the UK Gregg T.

Hildegard Edwards' water colour, Carpenters' Brook above New Hope.

Above an old photo of John Knox House in Edinburgh.

Hi Dear Folk,

I've had this sitting in my draft posts for a while.  After The Boy left for Ithaca and he took the desk out of this room, we rearranged it.  I love this room it has the most incredible light.  It recieves the same light as our kitchen, but probably a little more as the light is less blocked from the house next door.  Also the wood floors have a lovely depth of colour in this room.  So here it is, but a room is always a work in progress.

The water colour painting was painted by Hildegard Edwards and dated 1947.  It says Carpenter's Brook above New Hope.

When I first bought this on Ebay years ago, I thought it might be from the New Hope school of artists in Pennsylvania, but now I'm sure this is Carpenter's Brook near Carpenter's Falls in NY State.

A member of the Historical Society in Skaneateles sent me this:

Hildegarde, the daughter of Albert and Martha Sherwood Edwards, was born in Skaneateles on July 8th, 1882.  The family lived on East Lake Street in Skaneateles, her father was an architect and artist.

She graduated from the Syracuse University College of Fine Arts in 1903.  She won the Hiram Gee Scholarship which sent her to Europe for a year of study.  Later she attended the Berkshire Summer School for Art.

After returning from Europe, she taught for six years at the Wyoming Seminary at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, then for twenty-three years, she was art supervisor of public schools at Warren, PA  She retired in 1945.

Miss Edwards' work is well known, exhibited in Syracuse and Auburn and in Skaneateles at the Library and the Historical Society.  She did an etching of St. James Church which was later produced on zinc and printed and sold in quantities.

She was a member of the Skaneateles Presbyterian Church, the Village Improvement Association, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Daughters of American Colonists and the Daubers Club of Auburn.

She died on February 2nd, 1949 in the Auburn City Hospital after a long illness.

How exciting it must have been to have studied art in Europe in 1903, one of my favourite periods of history right before WWI when a ship and train could take you almost anywhere.  She would have been twenty-one.

The black and white drawings were done by Rob in art class at High School.  The portrait of Rob and self portrait was done by a friend V.

I can hardly believe how quickly the leaves are changing, one moment green and the next day so orange, yellow and red.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. The room looks so cozy and full of your family and things you love. I bet you feel like it is your own little haven.

  2. Well done! The room looks beautiful and I love the flooring and all your lovely pictures. Can't have too many pictures.


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