Friday, October 3, 2014


Hi Dear Folk,

This is where I write my letters to The Boy.  The light comes through the glass doors and the bamboo screen in such a way that it always reminds me of Saigon, why Saigon I have no idea.  I have never been to Vietnam and I don't think it is even call Saigon anymore, but that is what I think of.  Old colonial French houses of the 1950s. with courtyards and louvered shutters, wrought iron grilled windows worked in bamboo designs, lush tropical plants and filtered light.

I received my new Firmoo sunglasses.  I thought that they were coming from Korea, but when I got home Mr. B. said you have something here that was sent from China, UPS next day saver.  I had emailed them last week saying I had not received my sunglasses and it had been about a month since I placed the order.  So emailed back and said there had been a problem in producing them and they would re-do them and send them out with an expedited shipment.  So here they are.  I had a 50% off coupon and just used the distance part of my prescription for them.

It's a little hit or miss on trying to figure out what will suit you.  I wanted something truly different for me.  The red is a little brighter than I imagined it would be, I do like them though and look forward to wearing them with a dress that a bought for Hawaii back in early summer and I'm pretty sure it is the same shade of red.

If they had had the choice of clear sides I would have taken that, but you did not have that choice.

I think on the whole considering the distance, that their service and courtesy is very good, and would consider them again for another pair.

The other day I came out of work and there amongst the rose bushes was a little chipmunk, they are the cutest little creatures and quite spunky, he ran behind the bushes but when I squatted down and made little chirping noises' he came out to investigate and did not move until I moved.

I watched on PBS an absolutely wonderful, hilarious programme about Penguins.  If it airs on any of your Public TV channels do watch it, I just didn't stop laughing at their antics.  It's a great tonic.



  1. Love the new sunglasses, Am still keeping your friend in my prayers.

  2. After seeing your writing desk I feel inspired to pretty mine up as its a bit of a dumping ground at the moment. I look forward to pics of you modelling the glasses on holiday. I saw one chipmunk in US partly because I was looking up trees at first as I didn't realize they burrowed. I will look out for the penguin film.


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