Thursday, October 23, 2014

Geneva, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

Another rainy day, although it is clearing up. 

The other day I was in Aldi's looking for fresh spinach and tin tomatoes for my ever faithful Florentine soup, when I came across some new plastic containers, made in Germany no less, with attached lid and clip locks, I treated myself to a new set for lunches at work. It is so nice to have a little matching set, and bring me joy to look at them in my lunch bag, I know small things.  My other older ones went up to Rob as he said that he did not have anything the right size to pack his lunches in.

He cooks himself up a pot of chili; we also took him up a large stainless steel cooking saucepan, which I had in the basement.  He buys soft tortillas and wraps chili and cheese inside and this makes up a lunch for him.  He is getting quite thrifty because he can actually eat at the restaurant where he works for 50% off, but as he said that is still $6.00 and he can cook himself up a meal for $1.50 to $2.00, The Boy is getting the idea.

Here is Geneva, NY a town that we stopped off at.

Obviously a lot busier in it's heyday, but still nice. I would have loved to have seen the department stores at their peak, but we know all this has changed. 


Waiting for master.

Still fun shops to investigate, like this yarn shop.

And this quilting supply shop.  With lovely mellow wooden floors and the brick wall.

These shots are expansive I think and show the amount of space allotted to roads in these old towns.

Mr. B. was on a quest for a good cup of coffee to have along with the Monkey Bread that he bought.

So we spent a nice hour or so in Geneva, got a little carried away looking around an antique store, as I'm on a quest for a cast iron, made in USA, cast in one piece fry pan.  Did not find one.


  1. A quilting store and a yarn shop, oh my goodness I would have been in Heaven.

  2. What a lovely town! I love the yarn and the quilting shop. I want to make the purse with the pleats! So glad you had such a nice time.


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