Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow, Ice, Sleet, Wind and Rain

Yes that was our day today, snow, ice, sleet, wind and rain.  As I woke up this morning the wind was howling and the giant chimes I have hanging from the ash tree were chiming away.

I have heard a pair of turtle doves cooing every morning as I leave the house.  The birds were out in force this morning looking for food.  Above and below is a female cardinal,  you can see that her feathers are puffed out for maximum warmth.  The male cardinal is striking but isn't she lovely in her blush of red against the snow?

Here is an American robin, looking well.  I also saw a blue jay, you used to see them every day, but you do not see them so much anymore, so lovely to see the blue jay.

I made a cover for my Bible which I'm pleased with. I used grey wool felt and blanket stitched the edge.  It took me right back to when I was ten in Mrs. Brown's class, where I made a similar Bible cover out of blue felt and blanket stitched in yellow, yellow was my favourinte colour at the time. I got to add the little felted heart sent to me by Mereknits.  Also plated the three different coloured silks to make a page marker.

Finished a scarf I promised to a friend.  It's in a lovely peacock blue, it's hard to capture how lovely the colour is.

I knitted and crocheted today, Mr. B. cooked up a storm in the kitchen.  Chocolate chip cookies, another blueberry cake, which he says tastes better then the first one, and that one was good.  Also he made a chicken pot pie for dinner.

Did check on my emails at work, but I think the whole East Coast was at home.

Tink has been with me all day in her basket.  She would not settle down until I brought it in for her.  She wanted to sit on my lap but I was busy.

Another family day at home.  The boy did have to work tonight though.  I've been listening to BBC Radio.



  1. Your bird pictures are wonderful. Also I love your bible cover. I want to make a cover but was debating what to make it from. I will definitely copy you now.

  2. I love the scarf. I love how it has the sparkly bits too.
    The Bible cover is just beautiful. I want to make one too. Did you use templates for the flowers? I love the heart on the string. You give such attention to little things. It is just lovely.

    1. Yes I did use a template for the flower, one I had already made for the broaches that I have sewn. I used grey wool felt for the cover.


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