Wednesday, February 26, 2014

11. The Woman and The Seed Tour, The Met King Tut And Temple of Dendur

King Tut was meant to be the living image of Amun Ra (sun god).  Notice the snake on the crown, the serpent was revered by the Egyptians for wisdom.

The Temple of Dendur, a 1968 gift from Egypt to the United States in recognition of support given to save Egyptian monuments threatened by the rising waters of the Nile, was built around 15B.C. when the Roman emperor Augustus ruled Egypt. Although small in comparison with the famous temples in Egypt, and built in Lower Nubia, south of Egypt's ancient border, this is a graceful example of a typical pharaonic temple.

The Temple of Dendur was commissioned by Augustus (Octavian in 15 B.C).  The winged symbol on top was Horus/falcon god/sun god.  Symbols come into existence and then are given a rebirth down through the ages, in various forms.

Nazi Germany used this symbol

 as do Bentley

 and Mini Cooper.

Also notice the winged symbol in the Egyptian jewelery above.

Symbols have become an integral part of life today, and we never think of where they originate from.


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