Wednesday, February 5, 2014

6. The Woman and The See Tour, The Met Ten Plagues and Egyptian Gods

The Ten Plagues bought against Egypt were against their gods, Exodus 7:14 - 11:10

The god of the Nile was Hapy, the first plague was to prove him powerless when the water of the Nile was turned into blood.

These reliefs with the falcon god Horus on top, wearing his Egyptian crown.  He was the Sun god and the plague of darkness was against him.

Also seen are scarab beetles which roll dung into a ball; they equated with the sun and life and rebirth.  The gadflies plague, (possible beetles) was for this god;  the Egyptians could not avoid stepping all over them.

The last plague where they had to splash the blood of a ram on their doorpost lintel was against Khnum the Ram god. 


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