Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Drive To Work And Work Orchid

I thought that I would share my drive to work today after the twelve inches of snow that fell yesterday.

This is a barn that is up for rent.  It's very typical of a Pennsylvania barn.  I always think it would make a wonderful artistic craft center, but I'm sure there is no heat, would have to look out for a pot bellied stove.

Old stone walls in front of the barn.

Colonial style house.

Several houses in this area have a very French style look, especially with those steep pitch roofs with the windows in.

I think a lot of people stayed at home another day.

I bought an orchid for my desk at work.  Just to look at and make me happy.  Plus I have never had a small multiple flower orchid.  The colour is a little different, a mustard yellow and deep maroon/brown.


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  1. Orchids are amazing aren't they. Your drive to work is delightful. I have seen those barns and if they were here they would all be turned into houses which is what's happened to all our barns.


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