Monday, February 3, 2014

5. The Woman and The Seed Tour, The Met Egyptian Sarcophagus the Greek σάρξ sarx meaning "flesh", and φαγεῖν phagein meaning "to eat"

Sarcophagus (means flesh-eating form the Greek) of Wennefer.  Inside the Goddess Nut was on the inner lid, on the outside top of the lid was Wennefer, the man who died.  He is now flying "like a god."  Thus Satan said "you will not die ... you will be like God."

The relief below shows Anubis "jackal god", because dogs were around cemeteries they were trying to appease him.  Horus, pictured as the falcon head, (to the left) was offering the ankh or the "breath of life" or showing himself to be a life giver.

Above to the right is the shape of the ankh represented in a libation dish.


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  1. This museum sounds very interesting. Seems to be rather like our British Museum with all the bible connections.


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