Friday, December 30, 2011

Where Has The Day Gone?

Thank goodness I have Monday off too, because today has whizzed by Saturday is our Special Assembly Day and Sunday is a long day of service.

I was up by 5:30AM did minimal cleaning up in the kitchen and took the trash out.  Then sat down to a cup of tea and blogging. Wrote a letter and chatted with Rob, so I said would he like to be treated to a Japanese lunch and he said yes.  So by the time I showered and washed my hair, then Rob, it was time to go.

I thought I want to spent the day enriching my psyche not my physicality, in other words No Housework, it's always there. Had a lovely lunch with Rob chatting and sharing and guess who was there too my Boss with his family, it was his birthday.  Good job I actually did have a day off work and was not playing hooke.


Drinking my green tea, I love the mugs, very tactile as Rob would say.  I seem to have worn the same colour scheme as our surrounding.

We started out with miso soup, then a salad and our meal. Rob had beef, I had salmon.  It was all delicious. ours was called a lunch box meal, I loved the serving plate trays.  All this for $10.00 each.  I think for the style food and surroundings that it's very good value.  Plus I used my chop sticks, I can eat pretty well with them, amazing myself.


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  1. Your meals looked delicious! I have never had Japanese food except sushi taken out. Yes the days do fly by and sometimes we have to make time for ourselves and family.


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