Monday, December 26, 2011

Quantify Quiet

Today will be quiet, Rob is out running, then to stereo stores and off to work, probably followed by the gym.  He went to the movies on Saturday.  Plus he bought himself a couple of goodies.  Black Watch Plaid boxers, a nice cabled grey scarf and a lanyard.  I asked where did you get the lanyard from, he said oh! a shop that has a lot of Paisley, and then I recognised the pattern as the same one on my Vera Bradley journal, so I showed him and he said yes.  He also had hanging on the lanyard a cute Darth Vader little torch.

Yesterday after the meeting I was invited to lunch at the Bush's that was a lovely surprise as I was at a loose end, Rob was working.  They are both almost ninety years old and have such a wonderful balanced view of life and people, that just comes of years of experience and faithful service to Jehovah.

When they were in their early forties they moved out to Nebraska with their four children and served where the need was great.  In their early sixties they moved back to this area to look after her mother, who did come into the truth.

While there I admired a sampler and she said Betty Lair had done it and I knew her so we phoned her up in Florida, along with phoning their daughter Wendy who still lives in Nebraska and also phoning another older couple who live in northern New Mexico, he was from Holland and a baker at Bethel for many years.  They showed me a book he had published on bread.  We spoke with his wife Ingrid from South American and she said 'Guess what?  He's baking bread.'  Dorothy said she's the one who picks up the phone and keeps in touch.

They are such a perfect unison of how a marriage should be.  Respecting headship but each letting the other have their own personality, sharing spiritually and if she cooks he always washes dishes.  Their zeal in their answers at the meeting still burns bright.

So last Thursday I did a run to the food bank and came out with a loaf of fig bread; which I will toast for breakfast with tea of course.

The girls are with me in their respective favourite places.  Tink on the arm of my chair and Tupp in front of the fire, but not center, because every time when I put wood in the fire it disturbs her, so now she sits off to the side and is not disturbed, oh yes! they have it down pat.

I walked in the kitchen sun was streaming in showing up every streak on the tile counters and all the dirt on the windows, but I don't care because I'm not spending my day off cleaning.  There are several things I need to get sewn so will work on those.  Maybe watch a classic movie.

I'm here, this is my day.

P.S.  I did some embroidery on a sample Raphael grey jumper that I bought.  It was cheap three dollars, but as it was a sample they cut it on the lower back.  A small gash, so I sewed it up and embroidered little flowers linked together with a chain stitch.  I did it in a deep burgundy color I picked out of the Irish Tartan pleated skirt I bought at the thrift earlier in the year.  The type of thing you would like to buy in Ireland while visiting if you had enough money, and here it was brand new less then $6.00 a bargain, in muted pinks, reds and grey. 

I also sewed up a cut I had to make in a brand new jumper I bought at the thrift, because it still had the security lock on it, I didn't notice when I bought it.  It was an ink one, so no good forcing it open.  So I cut it out, and then had to sew up the hole.  It doesn't show though.

The last sewing job was Rob's Continental Quilt;  which used to be my Continental Quilt and some of the seams are going.  At this point it's 41 years old.  It was quite a feathery job. 

I feel good all those jobs done.


  1. My sentiments exactly and in line with Ecclesiastes 4 verse 6. "Better is a handful of rest than a double handful of hard work and a striving after the wind"

  2. A nice enterchange of encouragement with the Bushes. I am sure they enjoyed you as much as you enjoyed them. Thank you so for sharing the visit with us.


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