Thursday, December 22, 2011

Paper, Pads and Pockets

Something I can never resist is paper.  It can be note paper, writing paper, pads, journals, diaries, folders and all the paraphernalia that holds paper, just a joy. 

So when Candyce gave me these little paper pleasures they always bring a little smile.

This is a little note pad with a pocket and many of the pages have a different pattern which I love.

This Vera Bradley, I always want to say Vera Britain of course she was a writer, but I suspect she enjoyed paper and pens too.

This is in the same style as my new call folder which I bought a couple of weeks ago after purging many old calls.  So I'm enjoying this out in service.  I love the change of papers from pocket to pocket.

Should I add another P.  Poppies, I love poppies don't you?


1 comment:

  1. Yes poppies are my favourite too. I have just bought some poppy coasters. Paper is great and I love your new service folder.


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