Saturday, December 24, 2011

Something Good from My Nemesis

Yes something good came out of Walmart.  I didn't actually buy it from there, here it is:

When I saw this rustic pie dish in the Thrift it certainly didn't look like it came from Walmart, but of course that's a terribly biased opinion.  It really is rather nice.  So now I have to cook something very rustic in it.

I also found two very nice thin sweaters for Rob, one in a red wine color and the other in a deep Merlot color made in Australia of beautiful Merino wool, very fine and soft just lovely.

I also found for the boy a lovely toiletry bag with an Eiffel Tower on it;  which reminded me of our trip to Paris together, brand new with all tags still on.  

He was pleased with my purchases.

Well I've got the fire going after a morning out on service.  With being out all the time it's hard to keep it going thus the house gets a little chilly.


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  1. The dish is beautiful and I hope you cook something delicious in it.


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